Wall Sawing

Wall SawingThe wall saw is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the selective demolition arsenal.  It enables our operators to cut concrete vertically, horizontally or at any angle required by our clients. The wall saw is track mounted, and the rigidity of this system allows for the straight and precise cutting of any cementitious material. It has the incredible capability of cutting to a depth of 30 inches.  However, when the wall areas or structures require deeper cutting, the wire saw provides the most economical and efficient cutting method.

Maintaining the structural integrity of the remaining structure is paramount to any selective demolition process. Utilizing the wall saw in combination with chain sawing or coring allows walls and structures to be cut without over-cutting past the area of intended removal. Concrete or block walls can be sectioned into manageable pieces for easy removal. The wall saw method eliminates vibration and dust generally caused by other demolition methods. The wall saw is ideal for selective demolition in occupied buildings or sensitive work environments due to its clean, efficient, and relatively quiet operation.

Our operators utilize hydraulic, electric over hydraulic, and hi-cycle electric wall saws, which are fully remote controlled.

Typical Applications

 Wall Sawing Wall openings for doorways, windows and duct work
 Wall Sawing Major modifications to interior and exterior structures
 Wall Sawing Structural floor openings where access is limited
 Wall Sawing Machine base removal
 Wall Sawing Bank vault removal
 Wall Sawing Stairway removal
 Wall Sawing Interior wall removal

Typical Areas of Use

 Wall Sawing Hospital renovations
 Wall Sawing Commercial buildings
 Wall Sawing Residential buildings
 Wall Sawing Industrial shut-downs
 Wall Sawing Hydro electric projects
 Wall Sawing Bridge structures

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