Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a well-known technique used to level concrete floors and to prepare the floor for further treatment. The machine utilized for shot blasting projects a metal abrasive material towards the surface of the concrete to crush the surface. This technique has the ability to effectively prepare rough and eroded concrete for a new treatment and allows for the immediate application of coatings, thus shortening your installation time.

Typical Applications

 Shot Blasting Dirt removal
 Shot Blasting Oil removal
 Shot Blasting Markings removal
 Shot Blasting Overlay removal
 Shot Blasting Concrete deck profiling

Typical Areas of Use

 Shot Blasting Roadways
 Shot Blasting Bridges
 Shot Blasting Airport runways
 Shot Blasting Concrete floors
 Shot Blasting Parking structures

Di-Tech Safe Work Policy & Procedures

Shot Blasting

Read our safe work policy and procedure here.